Avi’s Phraseology

Her new phrase of the past couple days has been “Where is kitty? Where did kitty go? I don’t know!” and says it over and over again in her cute, hard to understand way.

Today when leaving Josh’s friends’ home, Josh asked me a question. I said “Oh, I don’t care.” In the backseat Avi pipped up “I care. I CARE. I CARE!!!” It was so funny; we had no clue she was even listening, why she said that, or that she even knew those words! She regularly comes up with phrases like this that send us reeling. Or, depending, we must attempt to hide our laughter so she won’t be offended, confused, or be commended for something bad.

Here is another one: We had a fire going which made a popping noise, as fires do. She looked at us and declared “Fire burped! Fire, it burped!” (Please note, she also calls farting “burping.” So I guess that would be a ‘butt burp’? Or as she calls it, a bum. So, a ‘bum burp’!).

She often jumps up and down declaring “I did it!” and “I made it!” when accomplishing minor or major, good, or not so good, feats. I credit this to my dad, her ‘grampy,’ who taught her how to play her fun, beloved, “mawn-key” (monkey) game on his iPhone.

When she wants to show us herself, she says “I’m me!” which she then repeats over and over again. Tonight she wrapped a towel around her waist, which I can only guess made her feel like a little princess. Either that, or she was reminiscent of the glories of taking a bath. Whatever it made her feel, she wanted us to take part in her excitement. Josh kept trying to teach her to add in “look at” but she just didn’t really get it. So, if you her a little voice saying “I’m me” over and over, it really is a statement of more than just self-awareness. Its more of a ‘everybody else be aware of me.’

When my parents came to visit at Thanksgiving, Avi could only say “tanks” for “thank you.” We were content with that, as it was a major step-up to actually be vocalizing anything when she previously only would use baby-sign language to communicate this phrase. Yet, my dad quickly got her to say “thank you.” So now she makes us melt by saying “Tank-you daddy” and “Tank-you mommy.” Its one of those amazingly precious phrases that makes me think of the Grinch that Stole Christmas. How? Well, “The Grinch’s heart grew 3 sizes that day . . .” and the picture that accompanies this quote must be exactly what happens to my heart each time I hear her speak her gratitude. Is this why I am a parent?

As the parental units, I am generally referred to as “mom-mom” or “mommy” while Josh is “Daddy.” Sometimes we are loved and needed. Yet, other times she likes us to go away. Her “Moove mommy” has been a new one (which needs to be tempered). But we secretly laugh when she tries to push us away, saying this, so she can resume hiding under her blanket, or in the cupboard so she can secretly suck on Josiah’s “pass”(pacifier) or take care of her business. The other day she didn’t want to go home, so I tried to bribe her with being able to see Josh. Although this normally works, this time she replied with “no, no daddy” and a few minutes later she added to this with “no, no titol” (tickle) multiple times.

She rarely outright says “no!” anymore. I am so grateful for this as when she previously did so it made me crazy. Now she always says “no, no” as if she is wagging a finger at her students in her one-room school house.

She continues to call Josiah “buddy” though she also refers to him as “Boder” (brother). Others are generally “People.” A few weeks back she used her classic phrase, as she does countless times throughout the day, “wat is TAT?” while pointing to a group of kids in a parking lot. I told her that those were teenagers, that they were “people.” Since then she refers to most others as either a “fwind” (friend) or a people. So, its not uncommon to here “Its a people!”

These are some of her phrases, mannerisms and words. Of course, this barely scratches the surface of Avi-speak, but it will have to do for tonight. So, in Avi-speak I bid you “nitenite, fwind,” while offering you a kiss with smacking lips and protruding tongue.


One response to “Avi’s Phraseology

  1. your write really well! 🙂 I like to read your blog for the cute new thoughts, news updates and giggles. Thanks! hugs

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