These kids, this week.


My darling little girl-

  • Handed me a living flying ant she was apparently playing with.
  • Decorated our banister by laying pens down on it, in a neat row.
  • Decorated her arms with a permanent marker.
  • Rearranged all the furniture in the living room she could (chairs, stools, rocking horse)
  • Strep culture was negative! Yey!
  • Figured out how to climb up the play gym in our backyard to slide down.
  • Obeyed me! She was totally disobeying me multiple times. Finally I made her look at me directly and told her she was in big trouble if she didn’t listen with my stern facial expression. She looked like she was thinking about it, could tell I was unhappy, and actually did what I asked! Discipline DOES pay off!
  • Is getting good at telling us when she needs to do her number 2, but hates us actually doing something about it.
  • Is ridiculously cute, good and naughty!


My handsome five week old-

  • Has regularly been waking up every 2.5-4 hours at night, much more often than he had been doing. He also seems to believe 6am is wake up time. I am going to have to re-educate him on the way this household works! 9am, baby!
  • Has become chubby in the last 1.5 weeks….He has rolls now on his arms and legs!
  • Looks more like a 2.5 month old (to me, at least)
  • Has been smiling a ton! He gets in these happy moments where he smiles like crazy.
  • He likes to whine his way to sleep.

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