Baby Registry

For those of you who have been wondering what we could use or like for baby number two, you can look on the baby registry that I have up (link below). We don’t have a lot of essential items we need, as we are blessed to have many things already that we can re-use from Avilynne or that I have picked up here or there. I will continue updating it when we receive similar items that are on the registry.

Baby Registry

I can’t believe I am really full-term now, at 37 weeks! It might be three, even four weeks yet before you hear from me that Mr. Baby Johnston is born. But, it could be tomorrow, too! I am pretty sure the baby dropped lower a few days ago. Although “lightening” doesn’t typically occur in second pregnancies until labor, something totally changed which sure feels like it dropped, it least to an extent. He isn’t in my rib cage as much, making it easier to breath. Yet he is a lot lower, pressing on my very low back and other down there areas which is sometimes very painful. Although pregnancy isn’t comfortable, I am trying to have a positive view that at I can still sleep through the night without nursing, and I don’t have to take care of two crying children yet!


One response to “Baby Registry

  1. I,m a new mom and I went with JC Penny for mybaby registry. They had every ting I needed and I've always loved the store. Once I found out you could do it all online I was sold. It was so easy to do. I don't think most people don't think of them and they should.

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