Done with #1

Yey! I got an A! I finished my first class at Ashford last week and I just received my grade and three credits. Only 36 credits more to go (12 classes) . . . But its the process of learning that is the joy, right? Not the degree? That’s what I am telling myself, at least! After all, I did enjoy this class. I was able to be introspective, thinking about who I am, where I came from and where I am going. I had fun analyzing various theories, seeing if I really agreed with them (and if so, looking at where they apply). I discovered I should have 4 or more kids if I want a better chance to live to one hundred. And, I have been validated by science that having a strong “religious” belief will help me deal with grief, death, and life much better. If anything, I have figured out “adulthood” to a greater degree, which makes me feel like I better understand people. Now that this class is done, I have slightly less “deep” things to consider, such as cloth diapers (if you read my last post). Maybe I need to be in another class ASAP!


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