Fight FOCA!

I really am not too sure about how much we can currently do to “fight” off legislation such as the Freedom of Choice Act. Write your congress member, as the invisible they always says to do. Sure, give money if you know of a wise way to invest it in the cause. Pray. Yet at least, heck, sign a freakin‘ petition! Who knows if it even really helps (I like to think it does). If nothing else, it at least makes you take a stand and become educated about something that is rather important.

Although most of you know I am anti-abortion (but please note, I am NOT anti- those who have had them), even those I know who are pro-abortion would most likely be against this all-encompassing piece of legislation. Really, partial birth abortion is just sick (look it up if you aren’t sure), at least let parents be informed to what goes on with their child (how can you be a parent if they take that away?), PLEASE tell the women about the risks and facts of abortion (isn’t that a given for all medical procedures?), and at least let the Dr. be licensed to perform them! Okay, maybe the whole thing of FOCA isn’t terrible, but many of the things which it would legalize or outlaw are just totally not necessary, and, in honesty, are ridiculous. It has too much within it to be passed as one single piece of legislation. This Act goes far beyond being “neutral” to the pro- or anti- abortion cause, in which one could adhere to either moral conviction. Yes, I know I don’t really agree that morally neutral law is generally possible anyways, or good, even. But FOCA strictly forces on our society a moral acceptance, elevating abortion to a fundamental right in which even common sense must be disregarded. Even the monies, resources and medical skills of those against abortion (or at least not in favor of) would be used to help abortion happen, no choice about it. Research FOCA if you aren’t too sure, but at least look at it from multiple sources and view of how the legislation would work, if for some reason it seems ok to you.

All to say, just sign a petition! Really.
And here is my activism for the week : )


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