My Walmart sells Obama magnets and key chains. They are in our local souvenir section. What does your Walmart sell?

Great Obama quotes I’ve heard doing errands:

“Daddy, did you know that Michael Phelps is Obama’s son?! Really, no! I am telling the truth! I promise, daddy, he really is Obama’s son!”
(5 year old child at Target)

“I get to go vote! I’m voting for Obama! Obama! My momma! Obama, momma, momma, obama! OBAMA, MY MAMMA!”
(mom comes out, takes her 4 year old girl’s hand, smiles at me sheepishly and walks away with her daughter skipping and singing “Obama Mamma” behind her).

“Well, since I’m kinda libertarian, or independent, sort of, I didn’t really know about voting. I mean, if I voted I would have voted for Obama. But I just didn’t really, like, vote, so….”
“But they don’t count ‘but if did vote I would have voted for . . .’ votes! Dude, you should have voted! You could have been part of CHAAANGE!”
(Two 18 year old girls, I presumably in high school, at Hallmark)


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