Who Is Buddha or any of those "Figures?"

I wonder what people would tell me if I asked who Buddha is. I wonder what people would tell me if I asked who Krishna is. I wonder what most Americans would say about Muhammad. But I don’t really have to wonder who people in NOVA think Jesus is:

In this context Jesus is asked about as if He is a person. Typically, I think most consider the concept of Jesus as just that, a concept. An idea, a religious symbol, a philosophy. There aren’t very many individuals who are the center of a belief. I consider the above mentioned people for the most part historical figures who started a way, or, a religion. And that is if I actually pull them out of the “concept” category and consider them people. But Jesus? Jesus is different, and I think He has been gotten wrong. Not only is it hard for most to think of Him as a person in the first place, but even if they do something is missing. Yes, He did start a “way,” just like those other dudes. But that way is HIM. The Way is the person. Now that’s a little different than those other dudes. Hum. I am content just to ponder what that really means for awhile . . . so off I go. Bye!


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