RE: Politics and the well-trodden path in my mind a discussion on politics always takes me down….

(This was written in response to comments in a political forum (in essence) some of my friends and I have)

I still think:

  1. It would be really interesting to have all 4 people be together as co-presidents and co-vice presidents. Either that or make it into an Obama-Palin combo or McCain-Biden combo. I know, I know, that couldn’t really ever happen and no one would ever agree. But can’t I think the unrealistic would be exciting? Not saying I would “like it” exciting, but more so “interesting” exciting. I guess my creativity just can’t help playing out in politics, also. The opportunities to mix the characters together is just irresistible, its like creating flower (or weed) bouquets. I guess its easy for me to say that as I don’t particularly love any proper set of these guys, as you all probably know.
  2. I still think I should make “Pro- Whatever I Believe” Buttons and sell them. Saying I had the resources to make, distribute, and effectively sell these buttons, how much do you think I could make by November if I copywrite this slogan? If anyone has a cheesy button machine I want to borrow it…..Seriously!
  3. I still believe that someday the economy of the U.S.A. will REALLY actually crash. I read a great quote the other day in some big newspaper; I read it in the Times or the Post. It said something such as “You should financially start worrying when people stop trusting eachother.” Of course, it was more beautifully written, but I thought it made a lot of sense. As soon as people stop thinking there is money (which would be a logical thing to think, as most people live off of credit, and as there is no actual “gold” or resource backing our money) and therefore stop trusting eachother with lending, banking, buying, etc…..we are screwed. That trust in our credit cards and loans is what keeps our economy going. Anyways, I could rant and rave about the economy again like Carrie, as I agree with her, but there is no need. I just believe we have a responsibility to God to manage our finances wisely, not to make us richer, but to pour it into building His kingdom while we actually have money we can pour into His kingdom. And trust me, we all have money we can pour into Jesus’ concerns. Or even if you don’t care about Jesus, you probably still think its good to care about some of His concerns…..the poor, hungry, thirsty, and sick: they still exist. They do along with all those oppressed in slavery, by governments and war, and those unjustly imprisoned. We are not assured of money in ten years, one year, or even tomorrow. But today while we have I think we should care. Wisely investing our money is not really investing into our economy, wisely investing in money is investing in people’s lives. Okay, and there was that well-trodden path in my mind politics often brings me to. So don’t be surprised if you hear it again *smile*

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