Avi’s Activities

Avi has been getting a little more active of late. She still doesn’t walk but she is a creative little ‘fellerina when it comes to exploring the world. Here are activities of hers in the past days:

-Climbing up our staircases. She is becoming a climbing pro. Amazingly, she always passes by the power tools and keeps going up, up, up. Yesterday she was starting on the stairs to the loft by the time I found her.

– Today she did an exciting magic trick. She actually pulled a placemat out from under a vase of flowers…..and the vase stood still. It was pretty cool.

– One of her most, no, her FAVORITE place in the house is the toilet. She loves playing in the toilet water (whether there is something or nothing in it). She thinks its hilarious to splash the water about, and if she can she’ll throw something in it. She likes the toilet downstairs, in her room, in our room and in Target equally the same. Apparently she doesn’t have toilet preferences. Just as long as the lid is open.

– Other activities include emptying the recycle bin, emptying the Tupperware cupboards, pretty much emptying anything there is to empty. Be forewarned: If she empties your plate, she will also do you the honor of throwing it on the floor.

– Flipping through the mail and any magazines is also an important task. She will often follow this by spreading them nicely on the floor. Working on a collage no doubt.

– She likes to delete e-mails and change the settings on the computer. Often when using it, she will sneak up and start hitting the keys before I can move her. This has resulted in deleting long e-mails, stopping movies, posting things (which should not be posted), and changing our whole computer language into Chinese Characters. Very useful.

– Another past time is chewing on cords or plugs. Actually, this pas time is SO last week. She hasn’t been as interested this week.

– She is also mommy’s bodyguard. She has the ability to follow me everywhere, even if it means trying to hold onto my legs while I am walking around the kitchen cooking dinner.

– Putting her headband on. Believe it or not she actually can do this. I just usually looks rather odd, as it ends up around her neck or semi-hanging on the back of her head. When I put her headband on I am pretty sure she is thinking about how pretty she looks. When she puts it on I am also pretty sure she is thinking about how pretty she looks.

-She has been trying to eat with a fork and spoon of late. She really has no skill. Today she was hamming it up, making these crazy faces anytime I would give her the fork. She then proceeds to put it in her mouth and either clap (cause she did a good job, obviously), or try to violently stab her plate. It is immensely rare if she gets anything on her fork, though. The way she holds her spoon (no matter how hard I try to reposition her hands) inevitably causes all her food to fall off before it reaches her mouth. Don’t worry, though. She is still pretty happy that SHE put it in her mouth and not me.

-Lastly, she is a big dancer. Anytime she hears noise or music she starts dancing around, wiggling her body and laughing. It can be Mozart, screamo-rock, or alternative. The style doesn’t matter, the sway does. Its really cute.

-Of course she loves, “walking” with daddy holding her hands, playing with her friends, looking at her books and playing with her toys. But, these formerly said things are her unique points. And oh how we love her.


One response to “Avi’s Activities

  1. we can't wait to see her "swaying" and cuteness…we love her! – Grammy & Grampy

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