This New Genesis

Okay, well I decided I might do this. I might not also. Its not like I am rich or famous or have a delightful ugly poodle which might make me worthy of a bloggers following. As I am one of those people who seems to happily melt within attention, if I have none, I might stop. I do not vow to remain faithful to

Yet, from my cozy vantage point I do see a possible future between me and you, blogger. I like to write. Its art and comfort combined. Sometimes I actually think what I write it worthy to be written. I am always thinking semi-profound as well as incredibly improfound spaghetti somewhere between my heart and mind. This just might be my venue for a “public” release of those noddles. This way I may still munch on and digest them even if no one else particularly likes the flavor of the day. I do promise to try to keep what should stay in the pot over the stove; to keep it in my kettle for everyone’s sake (mainly, my own).

As my old blog, at myspace, has a terrible and very unfriendly to non-geeks (or actually, its probably just terrible in general) set-up, I am moving on to newer things. Maybe this way I’ll actually use this as it seems more user friendly. Multiple people have also recently asked me if I have a blog or if we have a website. So, those two things have brought me to this spot. All to say, here I experiment.


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